The Basics

Welcome to our Online Community!

We are excited that you stopped by to check us out. We believe that God has brought you here for a purpose. That purpose might not be clear right now; however, we believe that God will walk with you and us on a journey of life transformation as we walk together with Jesus, guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit. As you get started looking through our site or are ready for a visit to one of our events or our weekend service, here is some basic information for you and some links to areas of the site that you may find helpful.

In either case, this is an awesome journey with God and one another. We hope and pray that your family will join our Antelope Park family soon!


What Are The Times Of Weekend Worship Services? — We have a blended-style worship service each Sunday at 10:15 in the sanctuary.  For those who arrive early, at 10:10 everyone is invited to share Announcements, Prayer Concerns, and Blessings.  Our service is biblically based, Christ-centered, and Spirit-driven. Click here for more detail.

What is Antelope Park Church like? – Our church is a vibrant, family-oriented, and Christ-centered congregation. We are a group of people who are ‘far from perfect,’ who struggle with everyday life; however, we are a people who strive to become more and more like Christ with the Spirit’s guidance, embracing the reconciliation God offers. We reach out to all people sharing life together as the body of Christ. So, at Antelope Park Church, you will find all sorts of people, at different points in their faith journey, walking on Jesus’ Way. To find out more about our story and what we believe visit the Our Story page here.

What ministries does Antelope Park Church have? – Antelope Park has ministries for all people to participate in. See a list of those ministries by clicking here. We are always open to the Spirit’s movement if there is another ministry that He has laid upon your heart. Feel free to speak with Pastor Barb or the leadership team if you have a specific ministry interest or would like to work in partnership with us.

What does a typical weekend look like at Antelope Park Church? – That is a great question!  Prior to our worship services on Sunday there are spiritual growth opportunities for the whole family. Overall, the people you meet will be friendly, caring, and attentive to your needs. It is a safe place for your children; from birth to 100 years old; you will be welcomed and cared for! Please visit the What to Expect page and the Worship page for more information.

What about my kids/youth? – Your children have a place of honor at our table! Your children are met with trained staff, ready to check in your child securely in order to ease your mind while you worship. Children are welcomed to worship in the sanctuary, or as part of our children’s ministry, the Lighthouse. Our youth are challenged each week as they meet in their age appropriate They learn from knowledgeable and trained teachers/leaders in our church. In addition to worship and g.groups, our youth meet for additional discipleship, fellowship, and service opportunities throughout the course of the month.

What is Church of the Brethren? – The Church of the Brethren was founded in 1708 and has a rich heritage. Core values of the denomination focus around peace, service, and a deep sense of community. For additional information about the Church of the Brethren  click here.