Our Story

Meet our staff

We are truly blessed to have such passionate, talented, and dedicated staff at Antelope Park Church.




Rev. Barbara Dickason

Drawn by the incredible people and rich diversity of the Lincoln community, Pastor Barb began her pastorate at Antelope Park during the fall of 2012, arriving fresh from the rolling hills of Maryland.

A product of Bethany Seminary and Manchester University in Indiana, with a short sojourn at Syracuse University, Barb served as the Program Coordinator for On Earth Peace, an agency of the Church of the Brethren.  Her prior ministry positions were at Hagerstown Church of the Brethren in Maryland, Manassas Church of the Brethren in Virginia, and a Clinical Pastoral Study through Gettysburg Hospital in Gettysburg, PA.

Pastor Barb enjoys spending time with her family and friends in the wonderful outdoors, wandering Nebraska’s paths.  During colder weather, she spins, weaves, and makes blankets for children who need the comfort a warm cozy blanket provides.


Shelly Nipple, Office Manager

Born and raised in the city of Lincoln, Shelly worked at the phone company and Bryan Hospital before retiring and joining the staff in the office part time. Her background in word processing, art, and computers provides the versatility necessary for the wide range of tasks asked of her.

A wife, mother, and grandmother, and mommy to two American Eskimos, Shelly enjoys cooking, sewing, crafting, and trying new things.

Alan Thompson, Organist and Choir Director

Alan got his BA in Vocal Performance/Choral Direction from Union College.  “I started playing the organ when I was 14.  I had taken piano since age 6 and had always been fascinated by the organ so I just “picked it up” when my couch needed another organist.  I attended Campion Academy where I took lessons my junior and senior years and then continued my studies.”  In addition to his organ and piano contributions, from September – May, the congregation is truly gifted by his ability to take a disparate group of individuals and coax from them truly inspirational and haunting tunes.

Besides playing organ and directing the Antelope Park’s choir, Alan loves to sing, ride his bike, hang out with his other half, and spend time with his cats.

Matt Swenson, Custodian


Many in the congregation also serve in a volunteer capacity:

Steve Ward, Leadership Team Chair

Bud Whiteman, Treasurer

Jay Penner, Accounts Receivable

Pat Friesen, Secretary

John Doran,  Deacon Co-Chair

Jay Penner, Deacon Co-Chair

Andrea Cupp, Christian Education Chair

Carmen Perzinski, Outreach Coordination Chair

Sigrid Horner, Worship and Fellowship Committee Chair

Judy Wrightsman, Facilities Chair

Lois Marie Gibson, Music Committee Chair

Kathy Berndt, Worship Center Committee Chair

In addition, we are grateful to the many volunteers who work behind the scenes, both within the congregation and throughout the community.  If you are interested in being connected with volunteer opportunities, please check out the Service link.